First Meeting of the Curators’ Network

The Curators’ Network held its first organizational meeting in Madrid, Spain last November 16-19.

The Foundation for Visual Arts, a co-founding member of the Network, joined Hablar en Arte (Spain), the Studio of Young Artists Association (Hungary), the Brukenthal National Museum (Romania), and the Kunsthalle Exnergasse (Austria) for this inaugural gathering of curators, cultural agents, and artists.

The Curators’ Network aims to promote international and cross-cultural cooperation and collaboration between curators and arts organizations across Europe, and to promote the work of emergent artists outside of their home countries, and beyond their artistic bases.

Each participant member is to host a meeting in its home country between November 2011 and March 2013. The Madrid meeting was the first of a planned five gatherings in five countries, leading up to a group exhibition to be held in Madrid in June 2013.

Meetings are comprised of portfolio reviews of artists from the host country, and informal workshops, conferences, and presentations at which projects are discussed, ideas and influences are shared, and the serendipitous potential for finding partners and collaborators is embraced at all times.

Twenty Spanish artists presented their work at the Madrid meeting, including: Françoise Vanneraud, Cristina Garrido, Carlos Irijalba, Julio Adán, Tamara Kuselman, Daniel Jacoby, AaPFAFF (Guillermo Pfaff), Inés García, Vicente Blanco, Alfredo Morte, Zoé T. Vizcaíno, Alain Urrutia, Núria Güell, Jaime de la Jara, Pedro Luis Cembranos, Álvaro Negro, Fermín Jiménez Landa, Carlos Maciá, Javier Arce, and Grande (Pablo Serret de Ena).

The Foundation for Visual Arts will be joining its affiliates for the second Network meeting, to be held this June in Sibiu, Romania; and will, in turn, be welcoming its partner institutions to Krakow this December.

For more information on the Madrid meeting, click here.