Events Organizing

Over the course of a decade, we have organized hundreds of exhibitions and events, from retrospectives and group shows to artist and author meetings, discussion panels, conferences, workshops, screenings, and competitions. This decade’s worth of experience has allowed us to form and develop tools and strategies for coordinating almost any type of event, regardless of thematic scope or logistical scale. Our design and production teams are proven, seasoned, and passionate about what they do.

A selection of recent projects we have helped to coordinate: Project „Rajza po Kato”, Exhibition „Powrót do Domu”, Mark Power’s “The Sound of Two Songs” exhibition and book; group exhibitions including “Central Archive” and “Facts of Life: Photography in Britain 1974-1997”; an artist meeting with photographer Martin Parr; and outdoor SlideNite shows.


Exhibition „Powrót do Domu”

Meeting with Martin Parr
Photo. Kuba Ceran