Trip Round Kato

Katowice is a unique city in Poland where a wealth of tradition and strong identity intermingle with an openness to the new. A whole host of well-known artists took the Trip round Kato (Rajza po Kato), including photographers, street artists, designers and experts on the history of Katowice, activists and the residents themselves. From Spring 2014, workshops, meetings, exhibitions, a series of open-air exhibitions and urban projects were held, the aim of which is to create a new visual map of Katowice, refresh the city’s image and revive the creative activity of its inhabitants. The culmination of this 2-year project was a guidebook.







Every stage of work on the publication culminated in a new unveiling of the exhibition, which was a selection of the most interesting material collected during work on the project. Starting from April 2014, the fencing around the new Supersam commercial centre was periodically updated with the latest pieces from our tale of contemporary Katowice. The finale and premiere of the publication took place in August 2015 during OFF Festival in Katowice.

The patrons and organisers of the project are Supersam and Griffin Art Space, an institution established by the Griffin Group to support and promote the arts. Griffin Art Space was created to revive artistic life and promote cooperation between business and culture. Its main involvement is through patronage of the most interesting cultural events and the activities of prominent cultural institutions.

Patron: Supersam
Organiser: Griffin Art Space
Conception and production: Foundation for the Visual Arts
Conception: Michał Kubieniec, Dominik Tokarski / Geszeft
Co-ordination: Joanna Gorlach (Project Manager), Iza Wałek (Producer)
Visual identity: Pilar Rojo
Promotion: Karolina Harazim-Mazur, Julita Kwaśniak