ZPAF i S-ka Gallery

We operated the ZPAF i S-ka Gallery for four years, in cooperation with the Krakow branch of the Union of Polish Art Photographers (ZPAF). Located in the Old Town center of Krakow, the ZPAF i S-ka (or ZPAF and Company) space was inaugurated in May 2007, when British photographer Martin Parr presented his “Autoportraits” exhibition.

From 2007-2011 we used the space to showcase a range of artists, from established masters of the medium, such as JH Engström and Masao Yamamoto, to an emergent generation of younger photographers; in the case of this latter group, we represented and exhibited the work of young artists both from Poland (Kuba Dąbrowski, Jan Dziaczkowski, Magdalena Krajewska, Przemysław Pokrycki, Konrad Pustoła) and the rest of Europe (Marco Citron, Vincent Delbrouck, Arja Hyytiäinen, Svätopluk Mikyta, Magda Stanová).

Our underlying mission over the course of four years was to promote craft and excellence in photography, while simultaneously attempting to provoke a dialogue between photography and other artistic mediums.