At the Foundation for Visual Arts, we know how to create good publications. Our experience in the field of publishing allows us to offer essential editorial, creative, and logistical support, from the conceptual phase of a print-based project right through to the printing house and distribution stages.

We specialize in the publication of monographs and limited-edition photo-books. Under our own imprint we have published volumes running the thematic gamut, from sweepingly comprehensive tomes, such as Adam Mazur’s landmark Histories of Polish Photography 1839-2009, to introspective photo-books such as Yulka Wilam’s I Forgot Where It Was and Laura Makabresku’s The Moon Is for Adults Only.

We worked with Mark Power on his watershed The Sound of Two Songs, in which this Magnum photographer’s nearly decade-long photographic survey of contemporary Poland was brought together in book form. Elsewhere on our list, Joanna Rajkowska and Sebastian Cichocki’s Dogs from Üsküdar tells a small and ruminative story in great detail, and doubles as a bell-jar encapsulation of their collaborative project and ZPAF i S-ka exhibition.

Our proven team of editors, graphic designers, translators, DTP studios, and printers is experienced and passionate about all aspects of publishing, from the conceptual framing and editing of a book, to its design (layout, typography and typesetting, image preparation) and production (paper selection, printing, binding).

We also have the ability to distribute books and printed matter through a network of independent bookstores, both within Poland and abroad.