Krakow Photomonth 2022–2023

#ostatnitaki / #lastsuch

A mysterious hashtag on the posters for last year’s festival hinted that it was the #lastsuch event. We can finally share what that meant and present our strategy for the coming years. This is the perfect opportunity, because normally we’d be opening the latest edition of Krakow Photomonth. But not this time – big changes are coming:

> The festival will become a biennale, held in even years, with the next one in 2024.

> We’ll be making up for that by working all year round, starting this summer.

> In late autumn we’ll be opening our own place right in Krakow city centre with coffee and art.


For years we’ve dreamt of a solution to provide better, constant contact with the public. That’s not the only advantage. We’ll be able to respond more effectively to important events worth commenting on in art, photography, politics and social affairs. And finally, we’ll get to see what spring looks like again.

What areas will we cover? Our interests and ambitions haven’t changed: the impact of images on global phenomena, the role of visual communication in everyday life, visual education and reading of images, promoting young, talented artists, fostering collaboration between institutions and colleges, promoting the works of Polish photographic greats, and presenting interesting projects and artists from around the world.

What will we be doing? Exhibitions, campaigns, projections, workshops, discussions, meetings with artists and specialists, photobook launches, presentations of new projects and artists…

The new format kicks off this summer. Join us.

For more info check Krakow Photomonth website.